I only picked up this novel because a friend, a dearest friend, told me of a wedding toast where the book was quoted.
The Angry Young Man and the Thinking Woman, between parallel cinema and the thudding success of a mythological drama.
Thinking of Rushdie this Independence Day.
To tell a story of violence, you have to have an unusual sensitivity to not replicate that same violence, that same poison.
Embedding the movie in the context of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's art-artifice
Digging deeper, looking at how the film uses death, infidelity, and trauma.
The singer who began her career in 1942 passed away yesterday. How to produce a coherent, complex, and meaningful articulation of her legacy?
Hridayam, a Malayalam film, asks you to participate in its project of eliciting nostalgia, even if it does so with shameless, predictable genre…
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