I am a writer based out of Mumbai. I divide my week between film-criticism at Film Companion, a film journalism website, and researching material for established writers. I have worked with Parmesh Shahani on his book Queeristan: LGBTQ Inclusion In The Indian Workplace, published by Westland India. I am currently working with Devdutt Pattanaik on an upcoming guide to Indian Culture, Art, and Heritage.

I am also a freelance writers- published in DeadAnt, a website tracking the Indian comedy scene, Gaysi, an online collective of LGBTQ stories, and Livewire, an imprint of The Wire focused on youth-related issues. I have lectured on the politics of sexuality in India, and the politics of film criticism in India.

Before turning to writing, I was trained in Economics, more specifically Development Economics under Professor Supreet Kaur at UC Berkeley. I briefly worked on a project in India for J-PAL, the MIT lab for Development Economics, before swerving to the written word. But the thirst for empirical knowledge, and aversion to rhetoric and cliche is retained.

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I have designed every post so that the readers comes out of it with:

1) Understanding one piece of visual art- a photograph, a painting, a screen-grab. While I work intensely with moving images, I love to use this space to fixate on, and build appreciation for stillness.

2) One conceptual framework to think through the chaos of our embedded lives. I love to theorize, and cite theorizations.

3) References to movies and books that might make you want to watch and read, and recommend.

I try to weave the above with some journalism, and some journaling.

If you like what you read, tell everyone. If you don’t, tell me.

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I'm a writer based out of Mumbai, India. I write weekly essays on culture, literature, fine art, cinema, and photography, rooted in rigorous politics and philosophy.



I write about cinema, culture, and literature.